Doll haircutting - Nigel North

August 20, 2019

I don't know why I bought this homme doll, he has ugly hair. (Well I know, of course, I bought it because of body replacement, it was cheap.)
I tried to forming his hair but it not was successfully. I needed a men for the FR girls, but Nigel was not handsome with his hair.
I had no choice but rerooting. OMG I so hate rerooting! I thought I'd try the haircut before rerooting. I have nothing to lose!

Here is the result, I think no need rerooting, do you?

1. Soak the head in the hot water about 5 minutes. So the hair becomes flatter little bit.

2. Cut the hair shorter. You know, I usually practice hair cutting before rooting a doll hair or my doll has sticky hair.

3. Let it dry.

4. Use strong hair wax or mousse to styling. At the end fix it with hair spray. Now his style a little shaggy.

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